7 Ways to Dress Classy Over 60

Embrace Tailoring

A stylish wardrobe starts with fitting clothes. Tailoring may compliment your figure with a well fitting jacket, tailored pants, or a dress that highlights your silhouette. 

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Choose Quality Fabrics

Choose luxury materials for quality over quantity. Silk, cashmere, wool, and high-quality cotton feel great on the skin and enhance your outfit.

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Timeless Classics

Classy dressing often revolves around timeless classics that withstand the ebb and flow of fashion trends.

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Play with Neutral Tones

Black, white, beige, and blue are elegant neutrals. These colors mix well, making it easy to create sleek, sophisticated outfits. 

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Smart Accessorizing

Elegant clothing requires "less is more." Accessorizing is an art. Classic accessories will enhance your look without overwhelming it. 

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Comfortable Shoes

Classy attire requires comfortable shoes. Buy stylish, supportive shoes. Choose classic pumps, fashionable flats, or comfy loafers that represent your style and requirement for all-day comfort.

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Confidence is the key to classy clothes. Wear each outfit with confidence from knowing your style and ageing well. 

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