Five Side Effects Of Consuming Papaya


Everyone benefits from papaya. It can be hazardous in some cases. Knowing when not to eat papaya is crucial.

Papaya reacts with several drugs and thins blood, according to the American National Library. In this condition, bleeding is likely.

Papaya should be avoided during pregnancy: Raw papaya is high in latex, which can constrict the uterus. Papain in papaya damages cell membranes.


Digestion Issue Papaya is fiber-rich. Papaya reduces constipation, but too much can impair digestion. Papaya latex causes abdominal ache.

Papaya is healthy for diabetics, but it might lower blood sugar, which can worsen their condition. Diabetics should see a doctor before eating papaya.

Allergy – Papaya allergies can result from overconsumption. This might cause swelling, headaches, dizziness, and skin rashes.