In Tyler Huntley's footsteps, Gardner Minshew is a Pro Bowl selection.

The NFL again has to look to the AFC for Pro Bowl quarterbacks to replace Patrick Mahomes. Gardner Minshew II and C.J. Stroud were chosen to the Pro Bowl on Tuesday by the NFL. They'll replace Mahomes, who's prepping for the Super Bowl, and MVP favorite Lamar Jackson, who passed.

Stroud's addition is expected. He just had one of the best rookie years for an NFL quarterback and may be in the top 10.

Not that the fifth-year player had a horrible year. His heroics kept the Colts in postseason contention until the last week when rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson was sidelined with a shoulder injury

Just that Minshew's 15-to-9 touchdown-interception ratio and 6.7 yards per throw attempt aren't star-worthy. The Pro Bowl showcases NFL talents.

This is similar to last year, when Baltimore Ravens backup quarterback Tyler Huntley made the AFC roster after starting only four games.

Like last year, Minshew's choice depends on whether of the 16 AFC clubs had a competent quarterback this season and is still available.

Jackson, Mahomes were out. The roster includes Tua Tagovailoa. After finger surgery, Justin Herbert is healing. Like last year, Josh Allen prefers golf. In Week 11, Joe Burrow was eliminated for the season. Late in the season, Trevor Lawrence encountered health concerns. Russell Wilson is done suffering.

No one was knocking on doors for Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders, New York Jets, or New England Patriots quarterbacks. The Browns QB and veteran Ravens starter never made a Pro Bowl, but a Minshew-Flacco discussion would show how limited the NFL's alternatives were. Keep Minshew and the Colts entertained. Pro Bowl is for that.