The possibility of Jerry Jones bringing on Bill Belichick is not out of the question,

Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys, has put a bit extra pressure on his lame-duck head coach, if that is his belief.

Jones publicly discussed the possibility of hiring Bill Belichick less than two weeks after announcing that Mike McCarthy will stay for a fifth season following the team's humiliating first-round playoff defeat.

Jones praised Belichick on Tuesday, saying, "I know him personally and I like him," according to Yahoo Sports' Jori Epstein. I really believe we could be effective team members. Exactly zero. ZERO.

The organization that Jerry and Stephen Jones have created and the talent that they have acquired have been frequently lauded by Belichick. Plus, Belichick is still available for hiring if anyone wants him.

The appointment of Bill Belichick would not ensure a Super Bowl victory, as Jones is well aware. Jones is realistic enough to recognize that he may fare worse than the six-time champion coach.

Among his peers, Jones acknowledged that "he's certainly excellent," if not the best in his field. Claiming that a Super Bowl can be guaranteed by a single individual is absurd. He can't handle that level of anticipation. However, may he be the best professional football coach of all time? Could be true.

"I really enjoy him as a friend, and I want it to be known that I would have no issue collaborating with him.

Some might argue that it's just lip service. That Jerry would never, ever let someone as talented as Bill Belichick steal the show. Whatever the case may be, Jerry was in a position to cast doubt on Tuesday.